Our Organization

Better access to French-language services

French- language services for Francophones are quality of care and safety issues. In the health care and social services sector, that means improved health and better service. It also means more accurate diagnoses and treatments which result in greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Santé en français is the representative of Francophones to ensure and promote French-language services in the health care and social services field.

We lead the way to foster access to quality French-language services. Language barriers should not be a barrier to good health. We work with primary health care providers, administrators, partners and allies to ensure Manitoba’s Francophones have the best possible access to the health care and social services they deserve.


Manitoba’s French-speaking community is able to receive a full range of French-language health care services.


In order to improve access to quality French-language health and social services, Santé en français provides collaborative leadership that engages and supports partners.

  • Collaborate - We promote collaboration and teamwork between health and social services partners.
  • Support - We help our partners develop and implement initiatives and provide them with technical and professional services.
  • Influence - We identify critical issues in the French-speaking community and encourage service providers and governments to find solutions.
  • Innovate - We encourage our partners and allies to develop and implement innovative solutions and models that meet the needs of the French-speaking community.

Historical context

The roots of Santé en français in Manitoba began in 1989 when a French Language Services Policy was tabled in the provincial legislature. Regional health authorities were created in 1996 and Child and Family Services Authorities in 2003, both of which required the organizations to develop and submit French-language services plans.

In December 2002, the Société Santé en français was created as a national French language health services agency. Santé en français is one of 16 French language health networks born from that national body.

Santé en français and the 15 other provincial and territorial bodies share a common purpose: to rally health partners around priority issues in each jurisdiction.

Strategic Objectives

  • Positioning and Anchoring - Provincial government health and social services agencies take the French-speaking community’s needs and priorities into account in their decision-making process.
  • Human Resources - Manitoba health care system partners implement a common provincial strategy to ensure that the necessary bilingual human resources are available to serve the French-speaking population, and;
    Partners in Manitoba’s social services system are equipped to recruit and retain bilingual human resources.
  • Evidence - Provincial government health and social services agencies introduce provincial mechanisms for ongoing data collection and analysis to determine the needs of the French-speaking population and the system’s ability to provide French-language services in Manitoba.