French Language Training

Santé en français via the Université de Saint-Boniface, provides French courses to employees working in designated bilingual health and social services organizations and facilities recognized under a service agreement. The following information is reserved for persons responsible for implementing quality French language services in these organizations and facilities.

Due to high demand and limited resources, certain eligibility criteria apply. To be eligible for French language training, employees must:

  • Be employed in a designated bilingual position, facility or program;
  • Be employed in a permanent position that has direct contact with patients, residents, clients or the general public; and
  • Be committed to actively participating in French language training in order to achieve the level required to provide an active offer of quality French services within a limited timeframe.

For information on eligibility requirements, how to apply and other details about this service, download the document below.

All courses are offered at Université de Saint-Boniface.

Participation via Telehealth

Don’t live or work near St. Boniface?  You can also take French-language training via videoconference from any Manitoba Telehealth site! 

There are currently 3 course sessions a year:
(September to November)
Winter (January to March)
Spring (April to June)

Registration deadlines can be obtained through your French-language Coordinator