My well being, en français.

Manitoba’s French-speaking community is able to receive a full range of French-language health care services.

In order to improve access to quality French-language health and social services, Santé en français provides collaborative leadership that engages and supports partners.

Health and Social Services. Offer them. Ask for themen français.

The Benefits of French-language Services

Full access to French-language health and social services provides several advantages, and not only for Francophones in Manitoba.

The New eQUITY Link Learning Platform

A resource conceived to improve the quality of French-language services by building the linguistic competencies of health care providers.

A valuable resource, the Sciences Mag Junior e-magazine

Knowing the coronavirus and the tools to better protect against it will help us slow its spread while waiting for researchers to find a vaccine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Santé en français a medical office?

No, Santé en français is not a medical office. Santé en français is the representative of Francophones to ensure and promote French-language services in the health care and social services field. We work in partnership with the Francophone community as well as health care and social service providers, educational bodies, governments, and community leaders to improve access to French-language health and social services.

What are the benefits of French-language services?

Full access to French-language health and social services provides several obvious advantages, not only for Francophones in Manitoba but also for the entire healthcare and social services system. See the list of main benefits.

Are your offices open during the pandemic?

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Manitoba, the Santé en français team has been working remotely and will do so for as long as required. We do however remain accessible via telephone, email and virtual meetings. We thank you for your understanding as we all fight against the spread of this virus and work to keeping each and every one healthy.

I’m looking for a job in the health sector; may I send you my resume?

Santé en français does not recruit individuals on behalf of our partners. We do however support their recruitment efforts by posting their available bilingual positions on our website. View all current jobs.