How We Work

We partner locally and nationally

Santé en français works in partnership with the Francophone community as well as health care and social services providers, educational bodies, governments, and community leaders to improve access to French-language health and social services.

We consult with all interested parties to identify concerns and set priorities to improve access to services. We also draw from the resources of the national Société Santé en français team and our 15 sister health networks across Canada.

It would not be possible to fulfill our mandate, without the support and funding of an extensive network of like-minded partners and allies in the community. Santé en français would like to thank and acknowledge all of them.

By working together, we ensure that Francophones in Manitoba receive quality French-language health and social services.

les-reseau-map of canada

Our philosophy

We believe that French-language services are required in order to ensure safe services and achieve better outcomes for Francophones. We therefore see to it that they receive quality services by acting as collaborators, supporters, innovators and influencers.

Organizational Structure

Our structure is based on our goal: French-language access to health and social services. As such, our organization is run by a community-based board of directors and we conduct regular round table discussions to ensure we are in touch with the community we serve.