Margaret-Teresa-McDonell Award

Santé en français is inviting nominations for the prix Margaret-Teresa-McDonell Recognition Award

Deadline for submissions is June 13 2024.

This award recognizes the merits of a professional who demonstrates outstanding commitment in providing quality French-language health or social services on a daily basis.

This   award   was   created   in   honour   of   Margaret   Teresa McDonell,   an   early   pioneer   who,   upon   her   arrival   in St. Boniface in 1855, provided care to the francophone and Métis families  in  the  fledgling  Red  River  mission,  which  was  the beginnings of the St. Boniface Hospital.

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This award  recognizes  the  exceptional  commitment  of  a health  or  social services  professional who  has  demonstrated  outstanding  dedication  in  providing  high  quality  French  languageservices within the workplace. The recipient demonstrates human and professional qualities by implementing positive, creative initiatives in providing high quality French language services.



Anyone working or having worked in health or social services in Manitoba is eligible to receive the recognition award. Nominations  may  be  submitted  by  persons  who  work  in  a  designated  bilingual  community organization, institution, program, department or agency in Manitoba.


Award Presentation

The Margaret-Teresa-McDonell Recognition Award is be presented by Santé en français. In the past il has been awarded during our forum À notre santé… en français!. In 2023, it was award during the Summit on the health of francophone immigrants in Western and Northern Canada. No matter the format, the occasion celebrates an individual who exemplifies and exceptional commitment toward providing French health and social services.


Submission of A Nomination

The  nomination  must not  exceed  two  pages.  In preparing  the  nomination,  keep  in  mind  that members  of  the  selection  committee  want  to  be  able  to  determine  quickly  whether  the nomination is appropriate.

The nomination may include one or more letters of support (optional). These letters may come  from  various  sources  including  a  designated  bilingual  community  organization  or  the executives of a designated bilingual institution, program, department or agency in Manitoba.


Selection Committee

The selection committee is anonymous and comprises individuals from Manitoba’s French-speaking community. The selection committee   studies   each   nomination  to determine which one   exemplifies   a professional’s  commitment   to   providing   high   quality   French language  services  in   the workplace.



The Margaret-Teresa Award was created to recognize the merits of a professional who demonstrates outstanding commitment in providing high quality health or social services in French on a daily basis.

Margaret Teresa McDonell was born in 1835 in St. Andrew, Ontario. At sixteen, she entered the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa as Sister Ste. Therese.

In the early 1850s, the Grey Nuns of Manitoba needed reinforcements and appealed to the Sisters of Charity of Ottawa. Sister Ste. Therese volunteered and travelled West in search of great challenges.

She dedicated all of her human qualities and medical skills to providing health care for Manitobans. “The Métis loved her for her patience, gentleness and kindness. Her qualities earned her the nickname Sister Doctor ”. She stayed in Saint-Boniface, and was involved in many of the initial works of charity in this province, until her death on November 4, 1917.

For more information on the Margaret-Teresa-McDonell Award, please email Renée Beaudry,

black and white photo of Margaret teresa mcdonell