Designated Bilingual or Francophone Health and Social Services Agencies and Facilities in Manitoba

Several agencies, facilities, programs, services and positions in Manitoba have been designated bilingual in order to facilitate the delivery of French language services in accordance with the active offer concept. The purpose of the designation is to identify key service points where there is a high demand for, and capacity to offer, French language services, and focus efforts to enhance this capacity accordingly.

The designation process

As the official representative of Manitoba’s francophone community in the areas of health and social services, the Conseil communauté en santé du Manitoba seeks to update and formalize the designation system for francophone and bilingual health and social services facilities in Manitoba. The CCS is currently working with the Francophone Affairs Secretariat to develop the appropriate protocol in this regard.

Who is designated bilingual?

Click on one of the designated health regions below for a list of the designated bilingual or francophone agencies and facilities in that area. Please note that the level of French language services offered by these organizations may vary depending on the individual capacity of each establishment.

Some provincial programs are bilingual, including Cancer Care Manitoba, Health Links-Info Santé and MB Telehealth at

The list of designations is not a complete list of all of the French language services available. For a more complete guide of the health and social services offered in French in the province, check out the Santé et services sociauxsection of the Annuaire des services en français au Manitoba (available online and in hard copy in French only).